Why become a H2H Sponsor?

* Because it really HELPS schools/charities/groups raise

 more money with LESS effort!


* $60 Sponsored case of H2H = $240 capital for charity!

That's 4 X's what you initially sponsor...(good investment eh?)


* Sponsor Branding on every game!


* Sponsor Branding on retail display case!


* Capitalize on your charitable tax donations:

-Sponsor claims cost of sponsoring per case...

-Sponsor claims amount generated from sale of games that is collected for charity....


*Hey, it just feels good to do something nice for somebody else!


* It's WIN WIN for everybody:

-the Customer gets a FUN Family Game that will last a lifetime...


-the Sponsor gets a clever tax break and recognition all day long with their LOGO/SLOGAN on the display case and every time someone plays the game...


But most importantly...the Charity gets ALL the $$$...


Call us for full details at 1-403-363-4278







Families Love

Earning $$$



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